Saturday, March 7, 2009

Daylight Saving Time is NO FUN...

...and I am going to miss the extra hour of sleep tomorrow, especially since Brenden seems to like 6:30 am. URGH I wanted to post a few pictures from this weekend, which has already been crazy busy, because tomorrow we'll have a packed house. My parents, Tim's parents and my brother and his girlfriend are coming over to eat my mom's homemade fried rice, egg rolls (not homemade, but that's OK!), sushi, brownie sheet cake and drink some Asian beer to celebrate my birthday. I'm not sure how happy I am to be one year closer to 30, especially since I don't even feel like I'm 27. OK...I'm done whining. Onto the pictures!

Our Silly Child

Crawled into the hamper, flipped it over, couldn't get out. Laughed hysterically.

Snuggled with Barney Bunny on the way home from Oklahoma City.

Just HAD to find out what the dogs found so refreshing.

Has never met a stranger. I think he has about 30 sets of grandparents now.

Acted like he owned Amber and Tucker's apartment. (I only took one picture. I know Amber doesn't care, but I didn't know how comfy Tucker would be with my obsessive photography.) :)

Followed Delayna's boys everywhere, and had to do everything they were doing.

He cornered them in the closet. Thankfully they thought it was funny.

Sniffing the flower before handing it to mommy.

Our beautiful backyard is in bloom!

And last, but not least, God sent me daffodils for my birthday. Lovely!

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