Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Congrats to Leslie and Roy! (UPDATED WITH PICS!)

Little Lanie Marie Amaducci.

Holding her momma's finger. So tiny!

Snuggling with her momma.

I was totally surprised this morning to read about my friend Leslie, who was my R.A. in college, and her husband Roy welcoming their little girl last month! This is the note from Facebook, written by their friend, Alexis:

So...its a bit of a surprise to all of us that instead of just finding out what gender the baby was the baby actually just showed up! Alaina Marie Amaducci - Lanie for short - was born on 2-23-09 at 8:19pm. 1.9 lbs, 12" long, breathing on her own. She & mom were doing fine. I don't know if this is correct, but I think Leslie said that Lanie is 2 months premature.

The back story: Leslie went to [insert correct hospital name] a place in OKC to get a better sonogram done to find out the sex of the baby. While there, they determined that both were suffering from Pre-eclampsia (sorry about spelling) & that baby had to be delivered then. Leslie didn't even bring a change of clothes or anything! So, Roy rounded up a few essentials & headed to OKC. When not at the hospital, they are staying at Leslie's Aunt & Uncle's house. [end of the back story that I know right now]

As tiny as Lanie is, she has been doing amazingly well. No Oxygen has been needed. One night she was having basically sleep apnea (too long of pauses between breaths while sleeping). This was because she had a distended bowel & it was putting pressure on the diaphragm & chest.

Things were going ok. Earlier this week, Mom & Dad got to hold Lanie! They were thrilled! She's smaller than most when they are allowed to be held, but since she didn't have tubes of all sort in & out of her, it wasn't such a risk.

Yesterday morning Lanie was moved to Children's Hospital in OKC to run tests on her distended bowels. Here is the quick info that Leslie text to me last night about the results: "good pic line went in today, umbilical line out, got blood transfusion, found tears in bowels, that can be treated medically - yea no surgery!!"

I was totally flabbergasted. So early and no oxygen! I cannot even imagine a baby that small, let alone one that can breathe on her own. Her guardian angel has definitely done her job! Hopefully I can steal some pictures soon. I'm sure she is gorgeous and I know she is so lucky to have such wonderful parents.

Congratulation Leslie and Roy!


They have created a CaringBridge website for Lanie. Click here to visit and to see more pictures! And to hear just how well Lanie is doing!

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