Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An "Awww!" Moment

Brenden is obsessed with vacuum cleaners. For Christmas this last year his great grandma Halter gave him a little toy vacuum and he loves it. He can figure out how to turn on any type of vacuum, even if I haven't yet figured it out myself.

Today I decided to vacuum out the lint in the dryer to see if it would help with the time it takes clothes to dry. Brenden was eating lunch and engrossed in an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I thought I could get a little done before he tried to come back to help me. Not a minute after I started the vacuum up there was a pounding on the gate between the dryer and his playroom. I looked down, expecting to have to tell him that he needed to go back and eat or just play with his toys. Instead, I saw that he was smiling up at me, holding his own little, red vacuum up, offering to help. After smiling at him for a full 5 seconds and tearing up a bit, I opened the gate and let him help me. In that moment he was completely irresistible. (Not that he isn't usually, I was just so overcome by a case of the "awwws" that he could have had just about anything!) :)

It was a wonderful moment in an otherwise icky day. Hope everyone else's day was full of "awww" moments!

He's a stinker...and I love him!

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