Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snow Day...I thought it was Spring?

The meteorologists kept saying it was going to snow. By Saturday morning I thought they were crazy. Three straight days of rain, and it didn't seem to be changing. And then...8:30 am rolled around. The rain sounded a little lighter and when I looked out the window it was mixed with snow. Not only that, but it was thundering. Weird! In 3 hours we had at least 4 inches of snow and it didn't stop until this evening. I think we probably have 7 to 8 inches on the ground. Brenden and I were supposed to go to a friend's wedding in Bartlesville, but that was completely ruined by the weather. We do want to send a congratulations out to Jen and Colt! I'm sure you're wedding was beautiful and we are so sad that we couldn't make it.

After a bit we were all feeling some cabin fever so Tim bundled up Brenden and we headed out to burn off some energy. We had a great time, but it was over too quickly. I hope everyone stayed warm!

The snow tickled!

He loves being outside.


Gotta try the snow covered slide!

Headed inside to get warm.

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