Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weekend Warriors

This past weekend was the Kelly Men Fishing Trip. Tim, his dad, his uncle and his grandpa Kelly all ran off to Arkansas to catch some big fish...or at least TRY to catch some big fish. I think their biggest catch was an 11 lb bass, or something that looked like a bass to me. Tim caught a 3 lb bass. And...that's it. 2 fish in 3 days. They weren't thrilled with their haul, but they had an awesome time. They even had their very own Nascar moment when the boat trailer blew a tire. Tom, Tim's uncle, was very impressed that they had the tire off and changed and back on the road in 15 minutes. Since I'm not an expert on changing tires (ok, who am I kidding, I don't change tires) it sounds fast to me. I'm just glad they made it back in one piece and not smelling too horrible. Tim did bring back a nasty beard, but that was gone the next day. I'm so glad he's not a fan of facial hair. It's hard to kiss something that feels like a Brillo brush!

While they were gone I spent the weekend with Connie and Ginny. We shopped, watched movies, and ate junk food for almost every meal. It was fabulous! Brenden was totally spoiled, of course, and enjoyed running in the back yard, swinging, climbing the stairs, chasing the cats while yelling "kitty!", playing tug-of-war with Riley, and learning how to play croquet.

That weekend started off what I will from now on call "The Busiest Month EVER". The weeks may not be too crazy, but the weekends are totally full. Here's a rundown:

Tonight we're headed to Jason Mraz! It starts at 7:30 with an opening act so I'm sure we'll get home at the early hour of midnight. So worth it!

This weekend Tim is "play Army" as my dad likes to call it (I call it paying rent) and I am headed to a birthday party for my friend Alice's son Logan, who is turning 2. Then on Sunday I'm supposed to go to Bartlesville to watch the Children of Light Choir at my church.

The next weekend is my friend Susan's bachelorette party, which is a weekend long event from the 8th through the 10th. I won't be staying the night with them on the 9th (sad face) because the 10th is Mother's Day. I'm not sure what the plan for Mother's Day is yet but it should be busy.

The weekend after that is Meredith's (my brother's girlfriend) graduation party, along with Tim's 10 year reunion in the morning and at night. That is the worst day so far. I think we get a break on the 17th but I'm not counting on it.

May 22nd is rehearsal and the 23rd is RPM to MP3, my studios Spring show. 8 million things need to happen before then so we're already scrambling. That's also Memorial Day weekend so I'll be headed to the lake on Saturday night to meet up with Tim, Brenden and Tim's parents.

After that I can rest on the weekends and maybe get some of the sleep back that I'll miss on my normal Saturday sleep-ins!

Would you like to see some April pictures? Check them out HERE!

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