Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

After an eventful Christmas Eve Eve we were ready to enjoy some good old family time with the Kellys. Somehow Tim and I were able to roll out of bed at a decent time, although I'm sure he felt like I did, which was like a truck had run me over.

We finally had a chance to sit down with Mike and Connie to open presents. Brenden definitely got the concept of presents this year, which we were made aware of during our own family Christmas the previous weekend, but we were happy to notice he also likes handing out gifts. Of course we were all spoiled rotten, Brenden was especially happy about his new train, and we were ready to see the rest of the family. Dan and Ginny made it right before the sleet started and Grace and Jim were close behind them. Gail, Jennifer, Jaime and Cassie were a little later so they had to drive through some of the blowing snow.


Brenden and I took a very nice nap before the gift giving began again. The funniest moment was when Brenden tore into a box of clothes, which Tim and I were super happy about, but Brenden was not. He flung the shirts and pants up into the air and then overturned the box while looking at us all, as if to say, "Where are the toys?!" So very, very funny.

Lightning McQueen slippers!

We had planned to spend that night with Mike and Connie and then leave the next morning to meet with my family for Christmas lunch at our house. Unfortunately the snow on top of ice, along with the fact that Tulsa only employs 20 trucks to clear the roads, meant that we were unable to go anywhere. It was a very low key Christmas Day filled with lots of television watching, naps, and reading for me. I actually finished one of my new Jodi Picoult books, Change of Heart, which was a great read.

The wall of snow outside Mike and Connie's front door. BRRR!

The next day we decided to brave the snow and ice to get home and possibly leave for Colorado, which was the original plan. Not only were the roads terrible, but the "check engine" light came on after only a few miles of driving. I thought for sure every Ford dealership would be closed but we found one right near our house that got us in rather quickly. They ran a diagnostic on our car and informed us that the catalytic converter was the problem and that it would cost almost $2000 to fix it. AHHH! Thankfully it wasn't something that needed fixing right away and the guy even told us that we would be fine to drive it to Colorado and then check into cheaper options. Thank goodness for honest mechanics!

"I am not impressed with the reading material."

Driving would have to wait until the next day so my mom and brother made the trip down to see us and open gifts with us. It wasn't the Christmas we were planning but it was great to see them. Brenden was done opening gifts after the 2nd present because that box contained a hand held game. We tried to get him to open a few other things but we could only hold his attention for a few seconds. We did eventually distract him with a play guitar, which happens to be the loudest toy EVER.

Showing grandma where the puzzle pieces go.

Helping Uncle Justin open his gift.

Tim's favorite picture...ever.

After pulling a tiny prank on my brother involving a dvd that he really wanted, and pouted about when he thought he didn't get, my mom and brother headed home. It wasn't 15 minutes later when my brother called to inform us that he was stuck against a snowbank on a bridge and really needed some help. Tim and my mom headed his way and, with the help of another gentleman that was nice enough to brave the cold, they dislodged his car. (By the way, Justin, you still owe us a snow shovel.) :)

Brenden and I did get a chance to enjoy the snow while Tim was gone, although we didn't stay out long. It was COLD. Plus he wasn't a fan of falling down, which he did a lot since the snow was so deep. I think he still had a good time.

After repacking the suitcases and the car we were ready to test the roads to Colorado the next morning. 5 a.m. was going to come very early but we had high hopes and our fingers crossed that the car wouldn't break down and Brenden would travel well. Did we have more car troubles? Did Brenden travel well? You'll just have to wait and see. :)

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