Friday, January 29, 2010

Things to Remember

There are several things I'd like to remember about this pregnancy. Some good...some not so great. You would think I'd want to focus only on the positive things, like finding out that I was right and that we were really going to have a little girl. But I have a good reason to remember the bad things, too...I want to be able to remind myself just what I was going through so that if I feel the need to go through this again, maybe I'll be able to talk myself out of it before I start bugging Tim.

So here you go, future me, the good and the bad. (at least what I can remember right now)


- telling everyone that we were going to have a baby, especially when we told Connie during dinner to celebrate her birthday. That was fun!

- the first awesome movements when I actually felt the baby kick my hand. How reassured I felt to know she was really in there and was doing well.

- knowing, just KNOWING, that she was a girl...and then being proved right.

- Brenden being able to say that there was a baby in a belly, and then learning her name. He always told us it was a girl. He was right, too.

- decorating her room. SO much fun.

- I'm sure holding her for the first time and dressing her up will be a "very good thing" once she's here. But remember future self, you can always dress up the dogs. HAHA!


- morning sickness...also known as "oh my gosh I feel like crap ALL DAY LONG" sickness. Couple that with exhaustion so bad that I couldn't lift my head and you have one unhappy pregnant lady.

- corpus luteum cysts...both times. Nerve wracking, painful, scary.

- pulled muscles and a baby that likes to kick in just the right spot. OUCH.

- the anxiety. I never worried this much with Brenden, and it's really messing me up in other areas of my life.

- heartburn so bad that it makes my head hurt and my back cramp.

- feeling stretched to the limit, so much so that it feels like I'm going to burst.

- crying, night after night, because I am SO tired of being pregnant.

- back cramps that keep me up all night.

- having to waddle because she sits so low and it huuuuuurts.

- not being able to sleep on my back or my stomach. Very annoying.

- labor...'nuff said. Yes, I know I haven't been through it with this one yet, but I still remember how awful it was.

There you go, future self. This isn't an all inclusive list; I'm sure there is a lot I forgot, both good and bad. But if you ever feel the "baby fever" try to remember telling everyone that one of each was perfect and OH MY GOSH I'M SO DONE. You only have two hands. :)

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