Sunday, January 31, 2010

Adult Coversation

Tim really doesn't like it when I say things like, "I'm so glad that I got to hang out with people my age and have a real, adult conversation." He takes it as a personal insult, like I'm saying the conversations I have with him aren't "adult" or that he never talks to me. I guess I should be more's really nice to have a conversation that isn't usually focused on bills or what a certain toddler did all day. (Although, to be truthful, we end up talking about Brenden with other people, too. Oops!)

Last night was an "adult conversation" night. My friend Susan invited us to dinner with her husband, Craig. Tim was really happy that I had made plans, although I'm not sure if it's because I actually made the plans or that it proved that I have at least one friend here. :) We ended up meeting at Fox and the Hound and we had a great time.

I think we may have freaked Craig out a little bit. Susan is due with their first baby near the end of May and we somehow started talking about where Brenden slept when he was first born and how it worked out best for us to have him in our room or between us in the bed since he was up so often to eat. Tim was talking about how at first they just poop, eat and sleep, which I'm sure Craig knew, and then how eventually Brenden started getting into a routine, eating more and sleeping for longer stretches of time. Craig was interested in knowing when that happened. "Oh, around 5 weeks it got a little better, and at 8 weeks he started sleeping for 6 or 7 hours at night," Tim said. Craig's face...priceless. "It takes that long?" he asked, with a hint of panic. I hated to say it, but I told him sometimes babies can take a lot longer than that to get into a good sleep routine.

Most of our time was spent chatting about other, non-baby things, and laughing a ton. Brenden behaved even better than I thought possible, although I'm not sure if it was because of all the TVs around the room or the fact that he was sitting next to Susan, who he adores. Seriously, I'm not sure what she did the day that she watched him, but for the longest time he called the baby "Susan" and if I happen to mention her name he gets really excited and talks about her all day. It's hilarious!

He also learned a new phrase, which is my favorite right now. We asked him what he would like to eat off the kid's menu and as soon as pizza was mentioned he got excited. "Pizza! Pizza! MY pizza!" Every time the waitress walked by with a tray of food he would ask if that was "his pizza." So when she brought us our dinner and sat down a cheese burger in front of him we were both surprised. Apparently she heard "cheese burger" when I said "cheese pizza". Uh oh! If he hadn't had his heart set on pizza he may have been alright, but no luck. He wanted his pizza! So he picked up the plate, handed it back to the waitress, and said, "no thank you." He has only said that phrase once before, that I'm aware of, and I was super proud that he used it correctly and didn't throw a fit. I clapped and gave him a high five, which I've found to be the best way to get him to repeat good behavior or a new skill.

We really should go out with them more, especially since the amount of time we'll be able to socialize is going to really decrease soon. Plus, Susan and Craig are lots of fun, and it's kind of funny to watch Craig's face when he learns a new baby fact. It's like playing "Horrify the Twilight Noob" which, if you've never heard of Cleolinda Jones then you'll have no idea what I'm talking about. She makes fun of the Twilight books, and it's HILARIOUS. Plus, there's a baby in those books, too. Better not let Craig read that birth story. He might think that's how ALL babies are born. EEK! :)


LouisIV said...

Nathan sleeps between us too! We put him in his crib sometimes, but he won't stay there and when he nurses and falls asleep sometimes we just let him stay there because he sleeps through the night that way, but not in his crib. After he falls asleep in bed with us then we move him to his crib sometimes, but it just works better sometimes to do it that way. Kari has been reading the book Baby Wise trying to get some tips from that book and they helped a little, but we also just go with what seems to work for now.

The Kellys said...

I read some of the Baby Wise stuff online and I think we may have done a few of the same things when it came to sleep training. And that's TOTALLY what it became, sleep training. (Not sure if that's what they call it in the book) We were pretty lenient until he got older, like 6 to 8 months, and then he became so big, and so wiggly, that we couldn't sleep. I'm sure Nathan is doing great. And if you guys are sleeping...then who can complain?? :)

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