Wednesday, January 20, 2010

That Only Took 3 Hours

This past weekend Tim had a list...a list of things that needed to get done. Some were more important than others. "Take down Christmas lights." "Wash car." "Get Lauren's furniture." The most important was definitely "fixing the kitchen sink faucet."

Before Christmas we noticed there was a little leak on the underside of the faucet. It wasn't a big deal, it only leaked when we had the faucet turned on, so it was just something we needed to deal with sometime soon. After Christmas the little leak was not so little. Every time we turned on the faucet it just got worse. The tiny trickle of water turned into 4 separate sprays that would flood our counter with water. Tim tried using a tupperware dish to stop the spray, which I then replaced with a plastic cup, but neither really helped stop the flow.

It should have been easy to take the faucet out, reattach the hoses, and move on with our day. Not so much! Before we left to buy a new one, Tim spent at least 15 minutes trying to figure out how to get the old one out. He eventually gave up and planned on asking someone at the hardware store for some help. I have no idea what they told him but it obviously helped because he figured it out pretty quickly once we got back.

Helping dad with the hoses.

Again, we thought the worst part was behind us. Again, we were wrong. Most wives would hang out with their husband, talk to them, give them support. Yeah...I learned a long time ago to just leave Tim alone. When we first moved in together he almost threw a hammer through a wall because he was so frustrated with a curtain rod. So when I figured out that the sink was not going back together the way it should I parked myself on the couch and stayed out of his way.

I lost track of how many times he had to revisit the hardware store. I know one time he went for new couplings. And I know another time he went for new hoses. I think he left the house for something else but there was no way I was going to ask him to explain. I do know that he took the sink apart at least 6 times and started over because I heard him yelling from the garage that he was tired of repeating the steps. I also deduced that things were not fitting together well because I heard the words "can't get this on tight enough!" and "it's still leaking!" (I think this was before he got new hoses.)

Need this screwdriver?

How long did he spend on the silly sink faucet? Well...Brenden took a nap, got up, ate lunch, and watched a movie with me while Tim labored away in the kitchen. Eventually he wandered in to where we were and announced that he was done. Three hours, at least 4 trips to the hardware store, several angry words and a lot of caulk later and we have a functioning faucet again.

IT'S DONE!!! (and the kitchen was immediately cleaned)

And if the sink ever leaks again we're calling a professional.


Grant Goodale said...

Haha. I like the Brady Bunch style photos of the family on the right column now.

The Kellys said...

Thanks, Grant! :)

Heather @critter chronicles said...

That sounds almost exactly like the way Tony fixes things. :-)

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