Friday, January 29, 2010

Ice, Ice Baby

THE ICE-POCOLYPSE IS COMING!!!! It will be a repeat of the Ice Storm of 2007 where everyone was without power for weeks and Walmart was out of everything, even the stuff you would never buy, but now that it's not on the shelf, it's a huge deal that it's not there. At least that's what they were saying this past Wednesday...

Today is Friday and let me tell you, this ice storm was a big let down. It rained a lot yesterday, and if it had been colder we would have had problems. But since it was 60 degrees on Wednesday and it took until late Thursday night to get below freezing all that rain amounted to a whole lot of nothing. Yes, we got some ice. Yes, there is some snow. But was WAY overhyped.

I know a lot of people were flipping out. I know that the state of Oklahoma made sure they weren't caught with their pants around their ankles when it came to having enough emergency crews to fix the power lines. (They had something like, 200 extra crews from other states come in, just in case.) I did go to Reasors for more milk and bread, but that was something I needed to do anyway. Tim made sure our gas cans were full, the generator was ready (thanks again for that, Mike!) and that we had some wood for the fire place "just in case". I wouldn't call that very well prepared, but we would survive.

So now it's Friday afternoon, Tim made it to work, and it's snowing, but not heavily. Tim worked from home for a few hours this morning so he's planning on coming home early. Me? I'm staying inside. No need to freeze my pregnant booty off.

Thursday afternoon...this was the only ice accumulation at that point.

The tree in our far, still standing.

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