Thursday, July 21, 2011


To move the tall curios out of my grandma's house we had to take out both of the kids' carseats. Lauren's was installed in my parents' car while they took the kids to see their cousins in Oklahoma City. Brenden's ended up left at Mike and Connie's house when we picked up their truck. Guess where his seat was on Monday. (I'll give you a hint...not where it should have been.)

The 2nd session of swimming for Brenden, and the 1st for Lauren, started that same day. They both had a fabulous time, but the highlight for Brenden had to be his new booster seat. Tim and I agreed that since he is now over 40 lbs and 40 inches tall that he would be just fine in a booster for one day. (Although the ease of it may convince me to just keep using it. He's pretty close to 4 years old now.)

His eyes lit up and he whispered an awed "wow". I explained that he would be using the seatbelt and that he wasn't allowed, under any condition, to touch the buckle unless I had stopped the car and told him it was okay.

He climbed up, snapped the belt together, and with eyes as large as saucers said, "This is SO COOL!"

 It is definitely cool, but oh my gosh this picture breaks my heart. Where did my baby boy go?!


Lauren has been showing an interest in all the things her big brother does. Coloring, riding a scooter, swimming in the big pool, climbing all over his bed, speaking in short sentences. What she doesn't understand is that her mommy is just not ready for her to do those things! 

The sentence thing is shocking. I don't remember when Brenden started speaking in sentences, and I'm not saying she's ahead of any curve, but it just seems to come out of nowhere. The past week she wandered down the hall, stopped at Brenden's door and said, "Bubba's room." In the bathtub the other night, Tim said, "Stand up so I can wash your booty." and she replied with a loud, "My booty!" Of course we started laughing because the word booty coming out of a 15 month old's mouth is hilarious. Her other favorite phases include, "I did it!" and "Gonna get you!" (which really sounds like "unna et eww!") 

Everyday is something new, and a few days ago it was something extra crazy. Combining her new mastery of "my booty" with a double hand pat on her bum, she wandered into the women's restroom at the pool. "My booty! My booty!" *pat pat pat* I stood there, confused, as she walked towards a stall and motioned towards the toilet. 

All I could say was, "Sorry miss. I'm not ready to jump that hurdle yet."

My children are out to make me feel old...and it's working.

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