Monday, July 25, 2011

Bye Bye, Sucker!

Yesterday was a long day in the land of Lauren and Tim. We had stopped by my mom's house to pick the dogs up (more on our trip to Independence later) and I realized that Lauren was tired and that I still needed to help my mom clean out my closest. Somehow I talked Tim into putting Lauren down for a nap in my parent's front bedroom while I enjoyed the peace and quiet in the other part of the house.

A few hours later, Tim came back to beg me to help him lay her down. I guess she had taken a really short nap and the rest of the time was screaming her head off. I felt terrible for both of them.

I relieved a very weary Tim of a very weary Lauren and went to try my luck at laying her down. I grabbed her baby, popped her pacifier in, and starting singing, just like I normally do. She immediately started batting at her face, and eventually threw her pacifier on the floor. You better believe I was going to capitalize on this new development. It took about 20 minutes, but she eventually calmed down and passed smooth out. A few hours later she was awake, a lot happier, but a little puffy. Screaming and crying for long periods of time will do that to you.

Tim was not as happy about this as I was. He knew that the screaming in our house would intensify before it was back down to the normal, migraine inducing level that we're used to. But the one thing I've learned with my kids is that if we give in once, trying to change something the next time is three times as bad. So last night we did the normal bedtime routine, minus the pacifier. And you know what? She not only fell asleep, but she also stayed asleep! She was ready.

I must admit, I'm a more than I little excited to throw those things away. I know that there will be some really difficult omg my head is going to explode why did we do this again? rough moments, but there's no going back now.

Asleep with no pacifier in sight.

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