Friday, July 22, 2011


I'm pretty sure most people know that I'm adopted. It holds a special place in my heart and is something I'd love to be able to do, although I don't see it in our immediate future. (Don't get your hopes too high, grandmas! Haha!) I've been blessed to have an amazing experience, to have such a wonderful very extended family.

A few months ago I found out that a guy I went to high school with was in the process of adopting. I started following his wife's blog and contributed to their adoption puzzle. I've followed their progress, mostly on Twitter, and then today I saw this:

I'll admit it...I squealed, and then I bawled. I'm just so very happy for them! I may not have seen Mike since high school and I've never met Vanessa, but I know that they will be fantastic parents and that this little boy will be more loved that he can imagine. 

The world is full of sad, disturbing news. I just had to share this one bit of happiness. 

Congratulations, guys! Can't wait to see pictures!


Whimsy said...

Wow! This is so funny, my husband and I just decided to adopt and now it seems like everyone in blog world is talking about adoption in one form or another. Funny how that happens! As an adult who was adopted what is some advice that you would give to adoptive parents?

The Kellys said...

That's fantastic! I hope the process is smooth and goes quickly. My friends didn't wait long at all, although I saw your husband is in the Air Force so that might make it take a little longer. (My dad was a Marine. It took them forever back then.)

The best, and most important, piece of advice that I could give is to make sure that your child knows they are adopted from a very young age and that it is a wonderful thing. I don't remember ever NOT knowing, which made my life easier I think. I even called my biological mom my "other Ginger".

The other piece of advice I would give is to not be too upset if your child decides to find their biological family. It doesn't mean they are trying to replace you, or that they don't love you. They won't run off to live with them or start calling them "mom and dad". They'll be able to answer questions that you can't and maybe ease some lingering doubts they may have.

I hope that helps! Good luck!

Vanessa said...

Aww, I just now saw this! Thank you so much! :) Your support and encouragement throughout the whole thing has meant so much to me.

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