Monday, May 7, 2012

Bragging on Brenden

I realized that I've typed a lot of words about the wonderful things Lauren is doing, but haven't said much about Brenden and his recent accomplishments. He loves learning and relishes in new information, just like Lauren, although he does get upset when he doesn't understand something immediately. (Which is just like me. Poor guy.) It just took us a little longer to figure out how to explain things so that they make sense.

He knows all of his letters, upper and lower case, and the sounds that they make. He loves to have us read to him and is starting to read as well. He's also doing great with his handwriting and has figured out how to spell small words, his favorites being my name and his dad's name. He likes to draw, especially happy things (anything with a smiley face) and is starting to recognize shapes in objects, which is making it a lot easier for him. 

Brenden drew us all as "happy trees".
Clockwise from top left: Brenden, Lauren, Tim, me. :)

It's starting to get easier to calm him down, which is a huge relief. He's also become extremely protective of his sister and plays really well with her, at least when she's doing something he wants to do. Ha!

He's also learning a lot of new skills, like riding his bike (with training wheels, which was scary for him for some reason) and how to swing. He's also become a fantastic batter at t-ball, correct hitting stance and everything, although he still isn't a fan of not getting the ball every time its hit. We're working on it!

I am so very very proud of him and how far he has come in just this past year! I cannot believe he'll actually start pre-K in September. Where did my little butter ball baby go?!

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