Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Brenden has been extra funny, at least to me, lately. The other day we were at my friend Bre's house when, out of nowhere, he very seriously said, "My daddy shoots zombies."

No more watching Doomsday Preppers in this house.


One night I was laying down with Brenden listening to his prayers and telling him his bedtime stories. He placed his hands on either side of my face, looking very serious.

"A really little guy could use the lines on your forehead as a ladder."

Yep, I felt very confident after that.


The director of Brenden's preschool stopped me the other day when I was picking him up. After laughing at my concerned face and assuring me that Brenden was not in trouble, she told me that he had acted up during their practice for the end of the year presentation. She got onto him and said he started acting right after that.

That wasn't the funny part, though. After they were done he came up and hugged her, smiled really big and said, "Miss Melissa, I just love you! You're the best!" He's learning very early that flattery is a good thing.


This picture says it all:

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