Friday, May 11, 2012

Snap, Crackle, Pop

It was always the same thing, different day. Tim gets home from work, I'm on the couch, clutching my head, wishing the pounding would just stop.

"I'm sorry, honey. There is so much that I should have done today but I just can't. My head is killing me."

He was always so understanding. He gave me a chance to take a bath to relax or found my medicine for me when I couldn't bear to lift my head. He drove me to the ER when my head felt as though someone was banging on my skull from the inside. He took off work so that I could sleep off a shot of pain meds after 3 days of crazy pain.

And then he didn't make too much fun of me when I decided to take several friends' advice and visit a chiropractor.

It's not often that I get to say the words life changing and mean it. Meeting Tim that November night, seeing the two blue lines in the bathroom in Colorado, Lauren practically pushing her way out with her feet on my ribs...all life changing. My first chiropractic appointment? I didn't cry with happiness, but changing.

It was obvious to my doctor, without even touching me, that I had limited movement on the left side of my neck. I've had a knot there forever and the base of my skull was always sore. When he finally felt around he was actually said, "Whoa!" He said he wouldn't normally have adjusted me without x-rays, but he wanted me to feel a little better.

When I went back to find out what the x-rays showed it was clear, even to my untrained eye, that my spine was twisted. He also determined that I have a rib that is out of place, which I've been treating as heartburn for a very long time. Yes, I thought it was heartburn, but only because a doctor told me that's what was going on. Plus, the part of the rib that attaches to the front of my chest is sore and inflamed. Makes sense!

I've been to see Dr. Harris at least once a week since that first appointment and I can say, with confidence, that for the first time in years I am headache FREE! I can breathe, I can move without pain, I can go more than a day without pain medication!

I know that seeing a chiropractor can be expensive and I know that it's not for everyone. For me though, it's been amazing.

I've also taken Brenden and Lauren to see him. They may not fully understand what is going on, or particularly like it, but I know that it's helping!

So a big THANK YOU to Dr. Harris and his wonderful assistant. Also, a huge thanks to Kasey, my friend that gave me Dr. Harris's information. I owe you big, Kasey!

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