Friday, May 25, 2012

First Fishing Trip!

When I married into the Kelly family, I knew I was marrying into a family that liked to fish. Based on trips I had in high school, I was not a fan. After several trips I can officially say I've been convinced that it's not that bad. Ha!

My 22 pounder! I held the record for a little while. :)

Brenden has been fishing since he was still in my belly. He must have realized that he would live on the water on the weekend during the summer because he loves it. For the last few years he's been "fishing" in his grandpa's bait tank in the garage, off the dock, or in small ponds. Today, he got to join in on a real, big guys fishing trip. It was obvious he was excited when, awoken at 5 am, he said, "Thank you, daddy!" and ran off to get ready.

7 1/2 months pregnant. -2007-
First, very tiny, fish from a pond. -2011-
Fishing with grandpa is the best! -2011-

From the few pictures I've seen, I think he's having a blast.

Ready to go! 
Good job, Brenden!!!

I'm so excited he gets to share this time with his dad and grandpa. (And Jake!) I can't wait to go fishing with him, soon!

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