Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last Day of School!

I cannot believe that we made it through our first entire year of preschool with the kids. Last year Brenden only went half a year so this was new for all of us. I knew I would be weepy their first day, but I never knew I would be so emotional on the last day. Yes, I am nervous about this summer and how to keep them entertained. More than that, I'm sad that next year they will be at a new school with new teachers. Kids Kare really is awesome and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Brenden has grown so much, physically, emotionally and mentally, since last September. He can now spell his name, my name, his dad's name, and several other words. He's starting to read and just the other day read three pages by himself. He's working hard on his penmanship and, with my help with spelling, can write just about anything. He knows simple addition and subtraction, sign language, can use scissors well and colors (mostly) in the lines.

We're so very proud of him and cannot wait to see what next year brings! This boy is read for pre-k.

Lauren is a completely different child than the one I dropped off last year. Gone are the days of screaming and grasping at me when I drop her at the door. Her teacher, Ms. Kim, is one of her most favorite people and we hope to keep in touch for a long time. She has always been a talker, but her language has literally exploded. We have entire conversations with her and she love to argue, which makes me very nervous for the coming years. She can recognize letters, numbers, shapes, colors and is able to count groups of objects by herself. She loves to sing, usually loudly, and had a blast on stage for their end of the year performance.

She has grown up so much and I'm so excited to watch her continue to learn!

My babies, they are growing up way too fast!

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