Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Letter To My Daughter


You're going to be here so soon! Only 16 days until your due date! I cannot believe in such a short time you will make Brenden a big brother. I cannot imagine your daddy and I as the parents of two children. You are going to change our lives forever and I cannot wait.

At night, before I fall asleep, I imagine your face. I have had dreams about what you will look like, your hair color, your eye color, the way you will smile. I can already see you in your daddy's arms and know you will have him wrapped around your little finger in a matter of seconds, no matter how often he may tell me otherwise. Brenden has started singing to you to "Come oooout baby Lauuurrreeenn!" and I know he will be your biggest fan. It goes without saying that your many grandparents are crazy about you, too. Just look at your closest!

I cannot wait to watch your personality emerge. I hope that you're outgoing and friendly, although it would make me very happy if you were more like your daddy and didn't take everything so personally like I do. I hope you share your brother's love of animals, especially since you'll be surrounded by them from the moment you get home. I hope that we can raise you to be confident, happy, dependable, honest, and polite.

Most of all, I hope that you grow up knowing you were loved from the moment we knew you existed. You are the piece of the puzzle that makes our family complete. You are not even officially here and already I cannot imagine our lives without you.

We love you! And if you'd like to hurry up and make your debut, I would appreciate it very much!

Love, Mommy

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