Thursday, April 29, 2010

Memories From the Hospital

I have a few memories from the hospital that I'm not sure I could make into a coherent post so I'm going to just bullet point them instead so I can remember them. :)

  • Tim finally had a chance to take a shower the morning after Lauren was born, but when he stepped out he realized he had zero towels. He stuck his head out the door and asked me to go get some from a nurse. Right as I was trying to stand up my doctor walked in and asked how I was doing. I didn't say "fine" or "okay". I said, "Towels. We have no towels." He stopped, laughed, then turned around and went and got us some towels. When he walked back in I apologized for just blurting out a random word at him. "I don't think my husband wants to be standing in there, naked, while I chat with you," I explained. He laughed again and then handed Tim the towels through a crack in the door and said, "We don't need you streaking through the halls." It was hilarious. Seriously, I have a great doctor. So funny.
  • The 2nd day we were at the hospital they came to take Lauren to the nursery to check out her vitals. They usually did this 2 or 3 times a day and would bring her back in about an hour. (Once, during the middle of the night, they asked if we wanted her back. At first we were confused. Um...of course we want our kid back! What she was offering was some time to rest. They had so many babies in the nursery that they really couldn't give them any attention so we wouldn't have done that.) After about 3o minutes we heard the fire alarm go off. "This is a fire drill," the speakers kept repeating. We didn't think anything of it. Then, the announcement changed to, "This is a code ADAM drill." Again, we didn't think much of it. It was just a drill. Suddenly, a nurse ran into our room, looked at us, and ran back out without saying a word. We turned to each other and Tim said, "I think I'll go check on Lauren." About 5 minutes later he came back and informed me she was just fine but that he had suffered a small heart attack when he couldn't immediately pick her out. We had sent her down there with a big, poofy pink blanket and he didn't see any babies with pink blankets. It turns out she got sick on it so they changed her to a hospital one. After staring at all the babies he heard someone say "Wow that baby has a lot of hair!" He turned and said, "I think that one's mine." When the nurse finally brought her back we asked what was going on. It turns out it was a drill where they set off one of the Halo leg bands (ours went off several times because Lauren's legs are so skinny and it slipped) and when they went to check on the baby the mom said she had been taking a shower and the baby was gone. (She was in on it.) They had to run around like crazy trying to find the baby and unfortunately they failed. The lady with the Halo band (they had moved the baby to the nursery so they weren't running around with a real baby) made it all the way to the parking lot. SCARY.
  • When Brenden was first born he made these adorable little bird noises when he was hungry. Those changed to wails not long after that, but Tim and I still remember how cute they were at the beginning. Our little girl? Not so much. From the first moment she was placed on my chest and I noticed she was hungry she did not make cute little noises. She makes these hacking sounds, like an angry cat, every time she doesn't get what she wants. And if you wait too long...look out! She can get loud already. And she can turn so very red. When she is finally offered a bottle or a pacifier she growls and shakes her head like a dog grabbing a bone. She' so dainty. :)
  • The best night we had in the hospital, other than the first night when Lauren slept 5 hours straight (Thanks, kiddo!), was the last night. Tim, Lauren and I snuggled up in bed and watched Gladiator. I'm sure Tim was relieved to be off of the pull out chair that he had been stuck on since we went in on Wednesday night. We're not going to have very many of those nights with just her so it was a great time. We did miss our Brenden, though!

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