Thursday, April 15, 2010

Susan's Baby Shower!

(Yes...right now I am actually in the hospital, hopefully holding a baby and not completely overwhelmed. I typed this post yesterday and scheduled it to post today. I wanted to make sure I finished it before my mind was sufficiently muddled with sleep deprivation and all things Lauren.)

Last Saturday we were able to celebrate the upcoming birth of my friend Susan's little one. I met Susan during my last summer session of college. We ended up being on the same team during a mass game of Monopoly that our sociology professor was using as a tool to teach us about social classes and wealth. She was the type of person who took charge, someone you just couldn't ignore. The game was hilarious! Somehow she decided I was cool enough to sit by (not sure how I convinced her of that!) and eventually we started hanging out when we weren't in class. Since then she's been there for some pretty significant moments in my life. She was at my apartment the morning I texted Tim for the first time, and we all know how that ended up. :) She sat next to me when we graduated from OSU. She flew me out to Chicago for a super fun bachelorette weekend and was the bridesmaid that went out to get us all breakfast from Sonic the morning of my wedding.

I was 5 weeks pregnant at her wedding last August. I found out 3 days before and I had to call and tell her so she wouldn't think it was too strange when I wasn't partaking in the champagne toast. We had a very interesting conversation when I helped her with her train in the bathroom about babies and her plans. I still remember warning her that babies can happen whenever they feel like it and that they don't stick to what you expect very well. (I had told Tim that I didn't want to get pregnant the month I actually got pregnant. Can you say "jinx"?) Apparently I wasn't the only person that mentioned this to her, which should have been a warning sign. Tequila + endless amounts of leisure time = Craig and Susan's first baby!

Since they had such a great time in Mexico it was suggested that the baby shower be Mexican themed. I was asked to be a co-host but I'm not sure I really should have been listed. Susan's cousin, Melissa, did all the invites (my least favorite part) and her sister, Anne, and cousin, Shannon, took care of everything else. I guess I was mostly moral support. :) I did make a platter of Mexican roll-ups that turned out super yummy. I'm saving that recipe for later! Anne saw a great idea for making punch in the baby bath tub that turned out adorable and Shannon made sure we had note cards to predict the sex, birthday, length, and weight. (I picked BOY, May 27th, 7 lbs 12 oz, and 21 inches. I'm totally going to lose.)

What a spread!

So yummy!

The guests ranged from girls still in high school that Susan had babysat to her grandma who, bless her heart, thought 18 inches was long for a baby. (Susan is 5' 7 " and Craig is at least 6' 3" so we were all guessing that the baby would be on the longer side.) She definitely had a wonderful group of people surrounding her and she got a ton of things that she will absolutely use. One of my favorite was a pair of "tickle gloves" that went with a book. My first thought was that Brenden would love them, so I'm sure her little guy or gal will, too.

Tickle gloves!

Very happy to get the essentials. :)

It was a great day and I think, after her freak out moment on the way over where she realized that it wasn't even a year ago that she was celebrating her bachelorette party, she had a fabulous time. Congratulations, Susan!!! If anyone has the energy and stamina to keep up with an infant it's you. I can't wait to see the mothering instinct kick in and watch you become the awesome mommy I know you'll be. Love you!

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Wenni Donna said...

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