Thursday, April 1, 2010

We don't need April Fool' is crazy enough.

Tuesday was a crazy day. It was the type of day where I just didn't want to answer the phone because really...who else could end up in the hospital? (I shouldn't say that. There are SEVERAL people who could have been there that weren't.) Today is giving Tuesday a run for it's money.

I'm not a fan of April Fool's Day. I don't like being pranked and I'm not creative enough to come up with anything all that funny to pull on people. When I woke up and saw that Tim was still at home I made to sure take the time to explain to him that if I called him and said I was in labor that it would NOT be a joke and that he shouldn't laugh and hang up on me. Just what a 9 month pregnant lady would need, right?

So...the craziness. My brother called me around 9 am to let me know my mom was on the way to the hospital in an ambulance. She had been getting progressively worse since Tuesday and spiked a fever of 102 degrees last night. When I talked to her she sounded awful and I knew she was in pain. She had oral surgery done after Christmas and has been having trouble with that ever since, which is part of her problem today, too. It's not just her face, though. Her entire body hurts so badly that she wants to be admitted to the hospital. If you know my mom at all you know that she is not a fan of sitting still. She's feeling BAD. My dad just called and said she may have pneumonia. I'm sure, since she has moderate asthma, that this is not going to be an easy recovery. Hopefully she gets some kind of relief soon.

(ETA: Mom does not have pneumonia, although it took forever for anyone to tell me anything. My dad gets a bit scatter brained. From what I can tell everything looks normal but she feels like crap. They gave her some medication for pain and are sending her home. They did say her EKG came back slightly off but they didn't seem concerned, which is weird to me. What do I know, right? A family friend, Norma, was headed to the hospital to pick her up so she'll have someone at the house to help her. My dad just had foot surgery and of course his back has been a mess for years so if she needs someone to actually help her move he wouldn't be any help. Hopefully she feels better soon.)

The second surprise of the day was learning that my grandma Warehime will not be going back to live alone after she is released from the hospital. I still haven't heard what is going on with her stomach but I now know she'll be going to a nursing home. She has always been afraid of nursing homes and I don't think she'll last very long there. It's really sad but unfortunately she can't take care of herself and my mom and dad aren't able to give her the 24 hour care she needs, either.

(ETA: In the course of talking to my dad about my mom he randomly let it slip that my grandma has a bowel obstruction. Of course, he doesn't know anything more, like how they plan to help her. He really can't be trusted for details.)

I knew April would be busy but I had no idea it would be like this.

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